Our Products and Services

We have a dedicated team of design engineers who will create designs from initial concepts to detail drawing for manufacture and assembly on our own shop floor. We carry out a comprehensive study of our clients’ requirements and confirm the specification with them and use 3-D CAD systems to design the equipment required.

Subcontract Engineering Services
An equally important part of our business is the manufacture of components to existing drawings provided by our customers. Our speciality is the manufacture of one-offs, which many other subcontracting companies prefer not to offer. Dytel believes that this offers valuable opportunities for customers who have occasional needs for a cost- effective service with a good turnaround for a single item.


Manufacturing Facilities
We are used to working to close tolerances due to our strong connections with the Aerospace sector, which of necessity demands close attention to precision- made parts.
Our technicians are all skilled in their work, having developed their abilities through apprenticeships .This means that they are enthusiastic about making high
quality products to meet the high standards expected by all of our clients.
CNC machining facilities are considered to be an important factor in attaining the required accuracy. Dytel achieves self-sufficiency by the use of in-house turning and grinding, surface and cylindrical as well as welding and fabricating. This means that a high level of control is achieved during the manufacturing process.


Great care is taken during inspection to ensure tolerance levels are achieved.


UKAS Verification
We are pleased to verify our products through UKAS certified bodies when required.

Turnkey Products

We understand the importance of providing turnkey packages to our clients. This means that we provide a fully inclusive service from specification through design and manufacture to final commissioning and installation at the customer’s factory.
We work together with many respected electronic and instrumentation specialists to create equipment tailor made for the individual needs of the end user.